Why Own Grown

Own Grown is an initiative of My Upavan. to promote urban farming and establish sustainability as an integral part of city life. A team of highly driven young professionals who are dedicated to promoting green living and in all aspects of life be it food or home. We are always on the lookout for better practices, technologies, and ways to improve our knowledge base to make the experience better for you. The aim is to normalize growing our own food and make gainful use of every square meter of unused real estate for better taste and health, reducing the carbon footprint of food transportation and reducing the growing strain on the global food network.

Local, Organic, and Fresh

We have embarked on a journey to promote healthier and more sustainable urban living with our state-of-the-art urban farms. Our organic farms are set up in both residential and commercial spaces and cared for by farming experts to ensure plentiful produce of the best quality. The produce is harvested when you place the order and reaches your doorstep in the least time - thus preserving the freshness and nutrient value of your food – a true farm to fork experience.

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