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01. What We Do

What started as a pandemic Lockdown discovery, is today a thriving venture. Welcome to My Upavan, the online junction for all your plant requirements - indoor as well as outdoor plants. For all your plant queries and starting steps and tips on how to grow your own garden – indoor as well as outdoor, My Upavan is the place to check out. With more than 1000 plants to choose from, meet the many plants and choose the best one that fits your lifestyle and requirement. This is not just about buying plants online. My Upavan is all about finding the perfect fit of plants for your homes or workspaces. It’s no longer about only having a green thumb! We can help you choose your plants, as well as help to maintain and take care of them. A one-stop shop for all your plant and gardening requirements, My Upavan!

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02. Who We Are

Started by the young entrepreneur Ms. Priyanka and My Upavan has its roots in a hobby that was started during the Lockdown 2020, when Priyanka was gifted a money plant by her friend. The entire world had come to a standstill and the plant was also almost dying. Priyanka wanted to take care of the plant and ensure it would not die. In the process, she started speaking to the plant and saw it reciprocate with its wonderful growth. She saw the plant grow and as each new leaf emerged, she felt closer to nature and experienced the joy of gratitude. Through the journey of the plant, she realized her true calling.

An entrepreneur at heart, it was as if the hidden potential of this hobby was being released towards becoming a full-fledged business. From one plant to the journey of 35 plants today in Priyanka’s balcony garden, My Upavan has got amazing support from friends and well-wishers, who helped sow this seed of making this hobby into her full-time profession.

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